The Crime and Coverup
Roots of Abu Graib

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The Roots of Abu Ghraib

Published: June 9, 2004

IIn response to the outrages at Abu Ghraib, the Bush administration has repeatedly assured Americans that the president and his top officials did not say or do anything that could possibly be seen as approving the abuse or outright torture of prisoners. But disturbing disclosures keep coming. This week it's a legal argument by government lawyers who said the president was not bound by laws or treaties prohibiting torture.

Each new revelation makes it more clear that the inhumanity at Abu Ghraib grew out of a morally dubious culture of legal expediency and a disregard for normal behavior fostered at the top of this administration. It is part of the price the nation must pay for President Bush's decision to take the extraordinary mandate to fight terrorism that

he was granted by a grieving nation after 9/11 and apply it without justification to Iraq.

NYT editorial, 6/9/04

Setting the tone
A recent book by a psychoanalyst depicts dubya's personality as the primary issue including his love/hate relationship with his father, his fear of his mother, and his penchant for blowing up frogs with firecrackers in his youth.
The psychoanalyst further reveals that
"pumped his fist in the air
as the first bombs
were dropping
on Baghdad."
His tone of abuse

Christian Democratic Socialist Party

dubya and teddy