The Crime and Coverup
"Sleezy Condoleezy"

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The mouthpiece and THE man

"Sleezy Condoleezy" and "Flick your BIC" Dick

"mass murderer" rice
 takes a "comedy" break
It seems the mass murderers of the evil regime in Washington have taken a "comedy"/porn break with
"sleezy condoleezy" doing her Janet Jackson disrobing imitation on Saturday Night Live.
Have to keep their war-mongering public happy with porn while there is a lull in the mass murder campaign.
For those of you who missed it as did I, don't fret--
the "TIP" is: 
dubya is bringing out a video with
"sleezy condoleezy"
as the half-time performer
between :
 ["40,000 dead iraqis"]
 ["count still undetermined"].

[Rumor has it the video is to be entitled
"Keeping a Breast Handy"
or maybe it's
"Keeping Abreast Handily."
At any rate, watch for this "bluemovie"
at your local PORN shop.]

Iraq Body Count

dubya and teddy