The Crime and Coverup
Crimes Against Humanity

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"Make peace with Saddam
  and that's an order,"
  the Word of the Lord.

This message has been communicated
consistently and continuously
through two US regimes
since January 1996.

There is nothing Saddam has done
that the Americans weren't promoting --
1) the Iran/Iraq War -- the US promoted Iraq overtly
                                 then armed Iran (IranContra)
                                   COVERTLY (illegal/immoral)
    If I could find the news clip, I'd play it for you
    of Ronald Reagan:
"Let them kill each other
 off over there,"
 he said laughing.
The result  was   "perpetual war between Iran and Iraq" for eight years. 
This is laid at the feet of Saddam Hussein.
2)  "He gassed his own people."
     Rumsfeld et al. were the instigating force behind
     all chemical weapons in Iraq and, in fact, supplied
     Iraq with chemical weapons advising Saddam about
     Rumsfeld et al. continue to use "banned" weapons
     including cluster bombs and depleted uranium
     causing "their own people" to be "gassed."
3)  Rumsfeld is bombing his own grandchildren.  How
     many times does the media report/repeat THAT?

The Iraqi revolt against occupation is spreading in qualitative developments. The Pentagon is reacting with a murderous iron fist that is making the popular Iraqi position increasingly clear to the world: that the occupation forces are indeed an enemy - not liberators.

In the last 72 hours [4/7/04], as the colonial force attempts to hold the country in a tight grip, the number of casualties has mounted, as Iraqi cities are besieged and bombed by missiles and tanks.  Street fighting is raging throughout the country.

In a classic demonstration of colonial practices, the U.S. is conducting a widespread reign of terror. . . . in Ramadi, Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Sadr, Adamiya, Kufa, Kut, Karabla, Amarah, Kirkuk, Mosul, Nasiriyah, Shula, and other cities and towns. The city of Fallujah has been exceptionally targeted. This is the same city where in the first weeks of the occupation U.S. troops took over a local school and killed 15 residents who were protesting the takeover of the facility

. . . the people of the United States have learned within the span of only one year that the war against Iraq is not only based on outright fabrications and lies. . . .[but also],
/o/ver the past three days, the previously simmering rejection of foreign occupation has evolved into a near full-scale revolt that has spread to many cities in the south of Iraq.  All while the U.S. has implemented collective punishment against the people of Fallujah and other cities in the central part of the country.

Pan Arab Union For Peace

dubya and teddy