The Crime and Coverup
kennedy crimes

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Following the example of
our infamous vice-president
I say to dubya:  
 "You and the horse you came in on."

Patrick Joseph Kennedy
re: his son "the patriarch"
     and his sons Joe Jr.
               and  Teddy:
"They have seen, and done,
 every dirty trick in the book
 including two or three unspeakable crimes."

Charles Dickens and me:
"The face of Dickens . .  . is the face of a man
   who is always fighting  against something,
   but who fights in the open and is not frightened,
   theface of a  man who is generously angry,
   in other words, of a nineteenth-century liberal,
   a free intelligence, a type hated, with equal hatred
   by all the smelly little orthodoxies,
   which are now contending for our souls."
-- George Orwell on 
Charles Dickens (1939)

dubya and teddy