The Crime and Coverup
MORE clearly and MORE loudly

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About Time for 'Regime Change' in Washington?

"The U.S. and Britain have simply announced, very [more] clearly and [more]loudly, that they are violent criminal states that are intent on destroying totally the fabric of international law, a fabric that has been built up laboriously over many years. They have announced that they will do as they please and will use violence as they please, independently of what anyone else thinks."
Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the founder of modern linguistic science and one of the most important academic-intellectual figures of the post-War world.
Author of current bestseller HEGEMONY: Dominance or Survival

"bliar" and dubya MUST RESIGN

THE legitimate authority in Iraq

The next President of the USA 2004

dubya and teddy