dubya's "games"


dubya's "games"
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Stained glass window

We know that this talk about Zarqawi

 and the fighters

is a game the American invader forces

 are playing to strike Islam and Muslims

 in the city of mosques,

steadfast Fallujah . . .

MSNBC full text

Egyptian Actor Omar Sharif

Opposed to War Friday, February 28, 2003 9:14 a.m.


"The Islamic world is in danger

of becoming completely radicalized.

You're going to encourage a war of religion

East against West and Muslims

against Christians, the Crusades.

You're going to create more terrorists

with this than ever you can imagine,"

the 69-year-actor said in an interview

with The Associated Press.

"The whole world is of the same opinion

 -- that this is ridiculous," he said.

All dubya's pretenses have turned
out to be games.
  This one is no exception. 
 For the boy who blew up
frogs with firecrackers
 and never cleaned his room
 he has advanced
to blowing up whole homes,
and small towns.