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Vote to Impeach Bush

George W. Bush and his key officials are the

greatest threat to world peace, to human rights, to economic justice, to the Constitution of the United States and the rule of law, international and domestic, U.S. citizens have ever faced.

With impeachment, the people can take back the Constitution. Elections only change the face of the Presidency, not the force of U.S. foreign policies.

To stand up against criminal acts by our own government is our highest duty.

Every vote to impeach is a clarion call for peace, friendship, and an end to government lawlessness.

The least we can do is show the Bush gang, and several billion neighbors sharing the planet with us who fear and despair for our country, that millions of Americans believe President Bush has committed "high Crimes" and must be removed from office.

The best we can do is cause his impeachment.

Our duty is clear.


Ramsey Clark