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deny, deny, deny
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TORTURE just because I could

Speaking earlier Tuesday in the Oval Office, Bush told reporters:
 We do not condone torture.
 I have never ordered torture.
 I will never order torture.
The values of this country are such that torture is not a part of our soul and our being.
[Torture is very much a part of HIS soul and being --
just ask those "frogs"!]

#1 mass murderer and his shadow
torture was SOP afghanistan,quantanamo,iraq

"I did not have sex
 with that woman."

"I did not have sex
 with that woman."
"the blue dress" LIE

Just as dubya is deny, deny, denying
we are plagued once again with another LIAR (bozo, aka clinton)
who now wants us to listen
 while he "tells all."
bozo claims he got into the Lewinsky mess
"because I could"
he bombed Iraq
 for the same reason.