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dubya continues his crime spree

Bush signs Syria sanctions bill

Saturday, December 13, 2003 Posted: 0516 GMT ( 1:16 PM HKT)


. . . Syria's Prime Minister Naji al-Otari dismissed the sanctions threat. /and/  labeled the anti-U.S. fight inside Iraq a "liberation movement." CNN news article


[Hey, "liberating IRAQ" is a dirty job but somebody's got to do it!!!]

The Mouthpiece and the "Man"
dubya's IQ

National security adviser Condoleezza Rice said Sunday on both "Fox News Sunday" and NBC's "Meet the Press" that President Bush would not back down on Iraq, despite pleas last week from most members of the U.N. Security Council that he give weapons inspectors more time. Monday, February 17, 2003 Posted: 6:48 PM EST (2348 GMT)

After Bush's State of the Union address, Iraqi vice-president Taha Yassin Ramadan called the American president "stupid" for calling Iraq an "axis of evil."  "This statement of President Bush is stupid and a statement that does not befit the leader of the biggest state in the world," Ramadan said.  [Hallelujah for Ramadan (no pun intended)]

Gamal Abdel Nasser, President, Egypt 1952-1970
Father of Arab Nation
"We will not stand idly by while our children flee. . . /and die/"

Nasser Speaks: Suez Canal Speech

Weren't one and half million Iraqi children ENOUGH?
"Starvation of civilians as a harrowing act of warfare is strictly prohibited by international law; thereby making the sanctions against Iraq a violation of:
                        the Geneva Convention;
                       UN Charter;
                       Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States;
                       Universal Declaration of Human
                       International Covenant of Economic,   Social and Cultural Rights;
                     and the Constitution of the World Health Organization. " excerpted from high school essay of Huda Nasser